Benefits of Body Scrub and Body Mask for Skin Health

1. Benefits of body scrub.

Every day our skin to regenerate. Dead skin cells that accumulate to make our skin look dull. Therefore, the effects of air pollution around us, air conditioning, and stresscan also cause dry skin, embossed black spots, and even makes the skin wrinkles. 

Scrub/Body Scrub helps us to rejuvenate and care for us so as not to dull skin, whiten skin, tighten and nourish the skin.

Scrub/Body Scrub helps us to remove all remnants of a pile of dead skin cells andprovide nutrients for the skin.

Scrub / Body Scrub makes your skin smooth. With regular treatments 2 times a week, healthy glowing skin must be yours! This treatment we can do yourself at home.

2. Body Mask.

The use of mask body has some benefits. Besides softeningthe skin, bodymask function is to open clogged pores due to dirt, dust. Masks can also restoremoisture los and smooth skin. Giving a mask on the body similar to relax themuscles of the body. We recommend using a mask body 1-2 times a week, skin will look bright and tight. How to use body mask is a mask body mix with water/rose/honey, smeared on the body to dry and then rinse with clean water.

Tips to Know Various Kinds Scrub and its Benefits :

1.Yellow scrubs Java.
Contains ingredients fragrant pandan, rice flour extract, turmeric, meeting dribbles. Indications: cools the skin, brightens, cleans and smooths the skin.

2. Bengkoang scrubs.
Made from fruit extracts bengkoang. Indications: Suitable forskin dull deal, because it can remove dead skin. In addition, scrubs bengkoang can eliminate body odor, a member of nutrients to the skin, improve circulation of oxygenand blood circulation, and keep the skin so as not to wrinkle.

3. Chocolate Body Scrub.
Containing chocolate or cocoa butter fat. Benefits: softens and smooths the skin. Also contains catechins (catechin) which are antioxidants to prevent premature aging, protects skin from pollution and richmoisturizers. Suitable for those working in air-conditioned.

4. Coffee Body Scrub.
Indications: useful to remove dead skin, smooths the skin, and makes skin brighter. Coffee Body Scrub can also relieve fatigue and flatten theappearance of cellulite on the skin surface.

5. Scrub Milk.
Milk is known as a substance that can maintain the skin to stay whiteglow. Benefits: smooth, rejuvenate the skin, keeping skin supple.

6. Strawberries scrubs.
Strawberries salisat acidic, silica and vitamin B, C, E and K. Benefits: benefits strawberry scrub, among others, to tighten the skin, nourish andrejuvenate the skin.

7. Papaya Body Scrub.
Papaya body scrub rich in enzymes and vitamins. Usefulness: smoothing the skin, as antioxidants, nourish and maintain skin elasticity.

8. Avocado Body Scrub
Benefits: moisturizes the skin, brightens the skin and smooth skin tone.

9. Scrub Seaweed
Benefits: Provides nutrition to the skin, smooths the skin and eliminates body odor

10. Lemonade scrubs.
Benefits: as detok, destroying fat under the skin, exfoliatedead skin and prevent wrinkles.

11. Lavender Body Scrub.
Indications: nourishes the skin and soften the skin. The aroma can calm the mind.

12. Rose Body Scrub.
Usefulness: smoothing the skin, providing nutrients to the skin, and makes the skin smooth.

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