Ten Eye Disease In Children

    Eye disease in children was not a little. Some have been recognized since the beginning, but most often escape the attention of parents. As a result, could be bad for the child's vision at a later date. Here are 10 children's eye diseases compiled by dr. Handrawan Nadesul.

    Eye disease in children can be congenital may also be obtained. That is, innate, can be derived can also not derivative. And because most eye diseases require early so as not to exacerbate the correction of vision, attention to some of the children's eye disorders requires greater attention.
If collected, at least there are ten types of diseases, disorders or eye abnormalities that may occur in children. Not everything can be corrected. But can be bad consequences if ignored or corrected too late. Tenth disease can last you see below.

1. Color Blind
    Color blindness clearly hereditary diseases. More often in boys than girls. Carried by the chromosome Y. until now there is no treatment for color blindness. Japan's new is being tried to replace keruucut cells in the retina, the causes of color blindness, but has not been declared a success.
    Children blind from birth do not know the color of red, green, and blue as well. The light was still able to distinguish, but the weight, only capable of black and white with shades of sheer. So that his perceptions of the three different colors into a normal person.
Sometimes the child is unconscious, he was suffering from color blindness. Even parents may not even know the child is color blind. Especially if a light color blind.So often surprised when I entered college for the majors because of electrical engineering and medicine, for example, should not be color blind.
     Keep in mind, in the retina there are two types of cells, namely stem cells and cone cells. Stem cells for the ability to distinguish light dark, medium cone cells to differentiate colors. In children of color blindness, retinal cone cells in the eyes, abnormal so impaired his ability to distinguish colors red, green and blue in varying degrees,
By reading the Ishihara test, color blindness diagnosed. The book contains pictures that read the numbers, in such a way, so that color blind people can not just read the numbers that normal people can see it clearly.

2. Cockeye
Crossed eyes also are innate from birth. There are several types kejulingan, from mild to severe. Generally there is a neurological disorder because of the eyeball, so that the eyeball axis is not normal and needs to be corrected.
      If it is not inborn, acquired strabismus afterwards. Could be due to severe cataracts.In adults suddenly squint need to watch out, because it may be a manifestation of abnormalities in the brain or kenker nose throat. In children it could be a result of malignant tumors inside the eyeball.
    Crossed eyes need to be corrected in order keteajaman child's vision develops normally. If not, the child does not learn to see normally. And then the child's eyes can become abnormal.

3. Glaucoma
    Penyakot this disease is elevated eye pressure, so it coud sarafmata and cause damage to the retina. In addition to come by, especially for the elderly, glaucoma can also be derived from the innate indeed. From birth the child eye pressure is rising.
Elevated eye pressure caused by a disturbance of the fluid flow system in the eyeball that can be congenital. As a result of this dam eyeball fluid, symptoms of eye pressure is elevated.
    These diseases cause severe pain in the eyeballs adan head. Besides the eye appear red. In the already heavy, timbuk also impaired vision. Besides less sharp, field of view was suddenly reduced. Something is lost in sight screen. Previously patients could happen to see a shadow like a rainbow around the bulb.
   If the drugs do not help, usually done pemmbedahan action with the aim that the fluid flow becomes normal eyeball dehingga not occur dam and eye pressure can be normal.

4. Bufthalmus
   The disease is also classified as diseases of the eye with an elevated eye pressure since birth. Due to the elevated eye pressure, eye size is very large baby. This situation is disturbing corneas. Children's fear of seeing the light, eyelid disorders arise, kornes swell, and the cornea becomes cloudy color.
   To reduce dam eyeball fluid, which makes the eye pressure rises incision surgery (goniotomy) as soon as possible so that the development of the eye and visual acuity until the child is not disturbed.

5. Cataract EYE
   Yes, not just the elderly who could cataract or eye lens opacities, newborn babies can also suffer from cataracts. These congenital abnormalities. Usually born to mothers who suffered from German measles infection, toxoplasmosis, or diabetes.In addition, due to hereditary factors.
   Infants with cataracts need surgery if the eye fundus reflex absent or cataracts is total. That is, for visual development until the child is not inhibited. Surgery is usually performed after a 2-year-old child. If allowed to develop into the possibility of child squint or abnormal movements of the eyeballs (nystagmus).

6. Ptosis
   The disease is nicknamed 'sleepy eyes' cause the sufferer such as drowsiness continues. Upper eyelid can not open completely, so it tends to be low and down because the muscles of his eyelids weak lever.
   To correct myself, ptosis patients seemed typical. His forehead was frowned and tilted his eyebrows and hold. This disease can cause muscle weakness eyelid is obtained, can also cause hereditary disease myastenia gravis. For the correction of muscle weakness before surgery was performed one year old child.

7. Eye Infection
    Eye infections of many kinds. The most frequent infections of the mucous membranes of the whites of the eyes and eyelids (conjunctivitis) or known as red eye disease.
Causes of eye infection can by all kinds of germs, ranging from viruses, bacteria, fungi, to parasites. Not rare because of allergies, whether originating from outside such as pollen, kimawi substances, or may be allergic from within, ie people with tuberculosis, diseases of the blood or lymph node disease.
   Red eye from birth can be caused by germs that mothers chalamydia idap in pubic.Can also by gonorrhea bacteria from the mother with the same disease. Signs and symptoms are almost the same. Swollen red eyes and a lot more like dirt eyes pus.
In newborn infants usually are routinely given eye drops immediately after birth so rarely found in cases of eye infection right now. But a baby who is assisted by traditional birth peraji, baby eye infection is still frequently found.
   By gonorrhea eye infection from the mother usually appearing at seudah children aged 2 years. Red and inflamed eye lids. A lot of eye dirt around the eyeball. This could dioobati until healed. But the mother should be treated well so as not to infect her baby might be born by then.
   Eye infection acquired many kinds. There are outbreaks so that in certain seasons many people are sick of red eye. The disease is transmitted through the air. Viruses and germs circulating in the air in public places or through items that people use, such as handkerchiefs, glasses, towels or pillowcases, and contact lenses.
   With eye drops or ointments containing antibiotics, usually red-eye diseases can be cured. If severe, may need to take antibiotics as well.
   But often encountered sore red eye infection, treated with eye drops that can be purchased freely in shops. This method is not only inappropriate and wrong address, it is possible that worsening of eye disease because the medicine is not the kind of material that was.
   Drug-counter eye drops for eye disorders due only to dust, dirt or tired eyes. Not infrequently sore red eyes became swollen after spilled drops of the stall.
Eye infections can also be transmitted from the pool. Usually endemic in certain seasons. Cure the same. If a virus is the cause, the cause is different from treatment with bacteria, fungi, or parasites.
    Red eye on the baby more often caused by infection of the tear glands or tear sac.Every day the baby's eyes are many eye discharge, but his eyes were red.
    The disease is congenital. Why there is a blockage in the tear ducts and infection lodged in the Sanan. Usually chronic. In addition given antibiotic drops or ointment, do sorting at the bottom of the eyelid toward the base of the nose that can be done alone by his mother. That is, to drain the dirt that clog the eye in that section.
    However, if in a way that does not help, perojokan action (probing) so that the various blockage there can be freed and the infection is no longer nested.
Tear gland infection in children is often caused by complications of measles, mumps, or influenza. Quite often due to tuberculosis and lymphatic disease.
    If the disease on the left unchecked, can develop chronic disease. Germs remain lodged in the gland or disturbed without a tear sac.
   Chronic eye infections are often caused by eye disease trachoma. Diidap in a country that is still bad sanitation and higienenya. Contagious and often chronic because of incomplete treatment. Complications may be severe and even cause blindness.
    Oil glands cause eye infections nodule. Small ulcers in the mouth of this gland should be treated promptly because if it was more than two weeks, the drug was too late and require surgical cutting untu already mnegeras eye ulcers. Operating without ulcers, nodules do not disappear, persist, and often recur.
     Nodule often occurs in people with low personal hygiene. Bad habit of treating the eye, rubbing his eyes, memberrsihkan eyes with your fingers, eyes water soaked or soaking betel leaves or jasmine, the eye is less protected from dust and other impurities.
In addition to the whites of the eyes and mucous membranes of the eyelids, eye infections can also attack the cornea or black eyes. This is much more dangerous because the cornea is directly related to visual function.
    Infections of the cornea is directly related to visual function. Corneal infection should receive greater attention in order not to cause disability that causes inflammation of the cornea becomes impaired our vision window.
    Infection can develop in the wounded corneal puncture. Yangtertusuk cornea will be entered germs if not protected with antibiotics and closed eyes. Corneal infections can be bad consequences. Prick of thorns or splinters of glass on the cornea pelru revoked and eye care needs earnestly to remain intact cornea after healing.
      Red eye can also be caused by glaucoma and allergies. The difference with infection, or allergy in glaucoma is usually no pain, painful, or prop eyeballs, nor are accompanied by fever. Usually no eye discharge. Doctors can tell which type of pink eye infection, which also is not.

8. Retinoblastoma
    Malignant tumors of the eyeball inborn. Do not know why. Tumors in the retina has been growing since birth. Frequently missed and often new symptoms appear when the tumor was already large. Symptoms may be sudden squint, glaucoma, the eye is often red, and the child's visual acuity or visual acuity rapidly declines so often replace glasses.

9. Vitamin A Deficiency
   Due to lack of vitamin A, not only causing night blindness. As the sun began to set the children are often hit-hit stuff in front of him when walking. Penglhatannya become blurred at times sennja day. Because stem cells in the retina impaired function due to insufficient vitamin D in the daily menu.
  If night blindness is left without any additional vitamin A, it will develop eye abnormalities menadi abnormalities in the white of the eye called Mr. Bitot spots. In this phase the eye can still be saved if vitamin A is added in the daily menu.
    If this disorder is still left, the eyes will become dry and damaged cornea later.Corneal wrinkles and shriveled and eventually rupture. Corneal conditions that result in this kind of blindness that was not corrected anymore.
    Children with normal menu, from milk, fish and green vegetables, should not going to be deficient in vitamin A. a piece of carrot is sufficient for the body's vitamin A daily.But vitamin A associated with fat menu. If the child urang nutrition and low fat menu, it will usually deficient in vitamin A.

10. Farsightedness
     Children are now threatened with nearsightedness taxable at the age of a child.Cause, well read in a way that is less precise. Reading while lying, because that is read more and more by the many agencies elajaran and homework. Read with less lighting. At least need 60 watts with a reading distance of 33 cm, upright seating position, and the object is not moving read. That is, the healthier it is to sit and read a passage of objects placed on the table. But children today read where and anytime. Even during the school bus or train as well.
     Secondly, the influence of radiation own computer monitor or television. Rarely watch kurangbya that should at least 5 times the diagonal width of the television screen for the condition of the narrow room mamaksa children watching at close range.
That is a lot of kids now who are wearing glasses myopia, nearsightedness, at the age of maish very small. And this situation often eluded their parents. Next thing I know is bad visusnya examination time.
    Now there's a way to laser correction of nearsightedness. But recently preached this way is not safe or have effects that are not done anymore sampinngan in several countries.
In order not to deteriorate, glasses that fit the size needs to be used on. If erabunan still mild, the use of glasses may restore it, but if it does not wear glasses and have high myopia, each tahunu certainly need replacement glasses.
    Beware if the myopia quickly grew, besides resulting in koyaknya retina that can result in blindness, must be aware of this as a gejal ggejala apenyakit other, more dangerous, such as glaucoma, malignant tumors of the eyeball, or any other retinal disorders.

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