Vitamin E

There are some people who do not know what fat-soluble means. Usually, fat soluble means that it would be more effective if you would take it with other food. There are several vitamins that are fat soluble. One of these vitamins is Vitamin E.

     There are times when the body has loose electrons. These loose electrons are better known as free radicals. They have been connected with some diseases and heart conditions and they would have to be eliminated immediately. One of the important Vitamin E benefits is that it can help protect cells from damage.

        If you are wondering about some important Vitamin E foods, you have to eat some of these products: vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables and fortified cereals. It can be found in wheat germ, sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach and broccoli. If you are not really a fan of eating vegetables, you can also get Vitamin E from Eggs and Tuna.

Functions and Benefits of Vitamin E:
1.   Vitamin E is a potent anti-oxidant which protects the cells in the human body from free radical damage. Free radical damage can lead to very serious and chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.
2.   A vitamin E deficiency, especially in infants can lead to severe neurological diseases like spino-cerebellar ataxia, anemia, various eye disorders and a lack of cognitive function.
3.  Vitamin E is the most effective naturally occurring beauty product. It is regularly added to a host of cosmetic products like skin-creams, moisturizers, face-packs etc. It also has a pronounced anti-aging effect on the skin.
4.    Various skin diseases like psoriasis, erythema and even acne can be effectively treated with topical formulations of vitamin E.
5.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that vitamin E can prevent certain cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer.

       The above listed benefits of vitamin E demonstrate its importance to the human body. At the same time, an overdose of vitamin E can lead to drastic health problems and can even be fatal. So, it is imperative to consult with a physician before initiating vitamin E supplementation. Also, many creams take advantage of the many benefits of vitamin E which is why you might encounter many vitamin E creams on the market.

       There are some precautions though. If for example you are already taking blood thinners, then you are not recommended to take Vitamin E because this can affect the blood even further. If ever you are not sure if you should take some supplements, it would be best to consult your doctor first. There is also a recommended daily dosage of Vitamin E. Usually it is 8mgs for women and 10 mgs for men.

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