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The face is an important part in every human being. In this case everyone has different faces and have differences in facial skin care. This type of skin is an important factor in treatment. There is a kind of oily, dry and normal.

Oily Face
The characteristics of oily skin type is frequent discharge of oil continuously on the face around the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Generally oily skin types are often covered with acne. As for how to treat and cope with this problem:

1. Frequently cleaning the face regularly. Since the oil on the face of often out, and it does not matter if we are always clean up.
2. Starfruit consumption for the pores in the face of shrinking. Vitamin C and A of star fruit effectively help shrink the skin pores. And mineral content of the skin to help reduce fatigue, make a fresh face glow.
3. Perform the evaporation of the face using a solution of tea on a regular basis.Because steam is also believed tea can shrink the pores on your face and can refresh the skin.
4. Consumption of cucumber. Because of this nutritious fruit smooths and relaxes the skin, helps relieve the pores, and remove dirt from skin. Thus acne can be prevented.
5. Avoid using oil-based cosmetics. Use cosmetics that are water and is non comedogenic.
6. In addition we are also able to eat tomatoes. Because the tomatoes can also help restore the balance of oil on oily skin, so the face is always fresh and natural.

Dry face
Usually, the skin looks dull or glossy, sometimes feels tense (interested), scaly, and itchy. State biscuits pores often appear withered and rough, and wrinkled, so it looks older than actual age. There are ways to overcome them:

1. Fruit is good for consumption for this type of skin dalah carrots. Vitamin A in carrots is required for maintenance of epithelial tissue (tissue that is the skin surface). Carotene contained in carrots is also a function to keep the skin moist, slow down wrinkles on the face, and always make the face look radiant.
2. Wear the appropriate moisturizer for your skin. Use moisturizer regularly can cause cleansing, removes dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, and prevents the skin from dehydration. Dry skin will lose elasticity, making it more susceptible to wrinkles.
3. Use honey soap. Because honey is a natural humectant, which means having the ability to attract and bind moisture. The ability of skin to retain moisture is an important factor to maintain softness, suppleness and elasticity of skin. Along with age, skin loses its ability to bind water - resulting in dry skin and wrinkles.Environmental influence is not less bad for the skin, such as exposure to pollution and various chemicals.
4. In addition, pineapple can also be your alternative. Therefore, this fruit contains a substance that functions sum up the pores so skin looks smooth.

Normal facial
Unlike the above two types of skin. Normal-to-face smooth, not greasy, and not too dry. In addition, the texture is smooth and feels soft to the touch. For this type of skin, avocado can be your choice. Avocado mask can help care for normal skin types.Therefore, a high fat content can moisturize the skin and protects skin from the influence of sunlight.

Face Care Tips
1. Avoid Fast Food

If you eat foods that are healthy and rich in nutrition, then you will have a healthy and radiant skin. The food was also influential to the skin you know. Eat foods that containantioxidants, antioxidants can help protect your skin from sun damage. Avoid it - the following:
          1. Alcohol
          2. Anything containing sugar
          3. Fried Food
          4. Processed foods (fast food garbage)
          5. smoke
          6. Wheat

2. Drink Water

Water is very important for your skin too, of course, asuk facial skin. Expand eat fruit - fruit that contains water. If not have money to buy fruit that costs continue to soar mykayak gini, enough water to drink 8-12 glasses a day.

3. Relaxsation

Stress is one of the worst things for the skin. Stress will make your face look older!.Take a deep breath every time you start feeling stressed. Do light meditation toreduce stress. Take time to relax or walk - the road because it always works toreduce your stress.

4. gymnastic face

Yahh gymnastics face can tighten your skin. Gymnastic face can be done by way oflaughing, frowning, etc. ^ _ ^

5. Sleep Enough
Sleep enough at least 8 hours a day to 12 hours if more of that later can be labeledbuffalo. Sleep is very good for the body Klian including facial skin.

6. Frequently wash your face
get used to wash your face to remove oil stains or whatever it is in your face let meclean. if not diligent in the face will surely have acne.

7. Use Cleanser

When you wash your face at least use a cleanser that all stains can be lifted with amore optimal.

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