Five Causes of Tired Eyes

       Have your eyes feel so tired in the afternoon after a day of work? Dizziness can arise after his vision continues to work all day.
     Various causes of eye fatigue proposed by James P. McCulley, an ophthalmologist from the University of Texas Medical School.
    Here are five things related to eyestrain, as quoted from the pages of Reader's Digest.

1.  It Use more eye muscles while working at the computer and to read.
Fittingly, in the eyeball, there are three sets of muscle groups. Muscles outside the eye (extraocular muscles) is usually contracted to look at distant objects, while the sphincter muscles to contract to see small objects. Then the ciliary muscles continue to contract in order to allow the lens to change eye shadow shapes that appear more clearly.
    The human eye is designed in such a way, so that he can with perfect form a picture of distant objects without the need to make one of these muscles work too hard. However, in order to see objects more clearly visible, typically, each set of muscles is stimulated its use.
   Reading activities and work that requires high concentrations, usually makes the eye muscles are working hard enough to be too loud.
Solution: Focus on a distant object to immediately relax your eyes.

2. Our eyes are not perfect
There is no perfect human eye. The degree of this imperfection, then will increase the large effort required. Those who are nearsighted eyes, for example, must exert greater strength of his extraocular muscles.
    While those who have a deficiency in the form of a rigid lens of the eye, which occurs in almost everyone who turned forty years old, tend to have ciliary muscles are working harder.
Solution: Visit the eye doctor regularly to get the right prescription for your eyes.

3. Poor lighting
Read under the light is too dim, or conversely, too light can cause the sphincter muscles work excessively.
Solution: Arrange the lighting is comfortable for your eyes.

4. Your eyes work too pushy
Just like when someone is doing push-ups 100 times, it will cause the muscles of the arm becomes painful. Employing the eye in a long time also reduces the freshness of the eye.
Solution: Rest your eyes in the afternoon. Take time to relax your eyes.

5. Dry eye due to rare flashes and reading too close
Eye fatigue is also often associated with dryness of the eyeball. Dr. Ronald Schachar of the Association for the Advancement of Ophthalmology says, when one is tired, their blink rate slows down so that the eyes are not properly lubricated.
    The ophthalmologist also found that workers who work all day at the computer tend to use less flash. This is not good for the health of the eyeball.
Solution: taken up at least once every hour of your computer desk.

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