Once, when I heard about color blindness, what comes to mind is a world of gray as blackand white television. I do not think a few people who think so. When I came to know that my high school also color blind. I was certainly surprised, my parents even more. I was sometimes difficult to distinguish the matching colors.But I think it's because of my color vocabulary dictionary less. Anyway I see this world full of color. So it never occurred that I was color blind. Kinda hard to also convince my parents that I could still distinguish the color, not color blind or monochromacy total.

        Many do not know, that's a lot of kinds of color blindness. And monochromacy case is the rarest. One of the more detailed and scientific explanation can be found at the Wikipedia article on Color Blindness. I own including patients dichromacy protanopia, that dysfunction of one of the three primary color receptors, in my case is in red.

        Color blindness is generally caused due to heredity. Other causes include eye nerve damage due to accident or congenital birth. According to one study 5-8% of men and 0.5% of women are born color-blind. And 99% of people with color blindness include dichromacy protanopia and deuteranopia (green dysfunction). So whether you are also color blind? There is no harm in trying a color blind test.

     Ok, then how color blind people see the world? The following examples taken from here. Differences vision of everyday objects and one of the Ishihara colortest. How do you see?

The normal eye




       Color blindness can indeed interfere with daily activities. That's a fact. But sometimes I can not understand that the 'shortage' is made to be a limitation to excess. Examples of when choosing majors in college or looking for work. Some areas require that candidates pass the color blind test. As CMIIW, electrical and chemical. Indeed reasonable, but not with the help of colleagues, or assistive devices such as label names or any other help? After all color blind does not reduce a person's intelligence and potential.
Please try a color blind simulation kindly provided by this site. Simply upload the image, then can get an idea of ​​what kind of world in the eyes of a person with color blindne

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